Radha Krishna Temple Construction


Take special precautions when using power tools. Defective tools will be removed form service.


Electric power tools will be the grounded-type or double insulated.


Power tools will be turned off and motion stopped before setting tool down.


Tools will be disconnected from power source before changing drills, blades or bits, or attempting repair or adjustment. Never leave a running tool unattended.


Power saws, table saws, and radial arm saws will have operational blade guards installed and used.

Unsafe/defective hand tools will not be used. These include sprung jaws on wrenches, mushroomed head of chisels/punches, and cracked/broken handles of any tool.

Portable abrasive grinders will have guards installed covering the upper and back portions of the abrasive wheel. Wheel speed ratings will never be less than the grinder RPM speed.

Compressed air will not be used for cleaning purposes except when pressure is reduced to less than 30 psi by regulating or use of a safety nozzle, and then only with effective chip guarding and proper personal protective equipment.

Abrasive blasting nozzles will have a valve that must be held open manually.

Only trained employees will operate powder-actuated tools.

Any employee furnished tools of any nature must meet all OSHA and ANSI requirements.