Radha Krishna Temple Construction



 All vehicles and equipment will be checked at the beginning of each shift, and during use, to make sure it is in safe operating condition.

 All equipment left unattended at night adjacent to highways in normal use shall have lights or reflectors, or barricades with lights or reflectors, to identify the location of the equipment.

When equipment is stopped or parked, parking brakes shall be set. Equipment on inclines shall have wheels chocked as well as having parking brakes set.

Operators shall not use earth-moving or compaction equipment having an obstructed rear view unless vehicle has an audible reverse signal alarm, or is backed only when observer says it is safe to do so.

All vehicles shall have in operable condition:

Horn (bidirectional equipment).

Seats,    firmly   secured,    for    the    number   of    persons   carried. Passengers must ride in seats.

Seat belts properly installed.

Service, parking and emergency brake system.

All vehicles with cabs will be equipped with windshields with safety glass.

All material handling equipment will equipped with rollover protective structures IAW 1926, Subpart W.