Radha Krishna Temple Construction

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Radha Krishna Temple Kitchen Expansion Project

Waheed Consulting



a)  Perform cutting and patching associated with the work in strict accordance with the provisions of Division 1 of these Specifications and the following:

 1. Coordinate work to minimize cutting and patching work.

 2. Request for Architect's /Construction Manager's consent

3.  Prior to cutting or coring of the building structure, submit a written request to the Architect/Construction Manager's for permission to proceed with cutting. Include x-rays of any floor area where cutting or coring is proposed.

4.  Contractor is cautioned that concrete floor contain steel tendons which can not be cut or damaged.

5.  Perform Architect-approved cutting and demolition by methods which will prevent damage to other portions of the work and provide proper surfaces to receive installation of new work and/or repair.

6.  Perform fitting and adjusting of products to provide finished installation complying with the specified tolerances and finishes.

7.  Provide all core drilling of holes. Where sleeves and/or blockouts are required, they shall be cut or provided at locations required. On completion of this work or as work progresses, make all repairs and do all patching required as a result of work under this Contract. All patching shall be performed in a manner that will restore the surrounding work to its original condition to the satisfaction of the Architect.

8.  Assume responsibility for the proper size of all sleeves and/or blockouts in the building structure pertaining to the work and for providing the correct location of pipe sleeves and/or blockouts.

9.  Where openings are cut through masonry walls, provide lintels or structural supports to protect the remaining masonry. Adequate support shall be provided during the cutting operation to prevent any damage to the affected masonry.

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