Radha Krishna Temple Construction

All firefighting equipment shall be conspicuously located, accessible, and inspected periodically, and maintained in operating condition. An annual service check and monthly visual inspections are required for fire extinguisher.

 All employees must know the location of fire fighting equipment in the work area and have knowledge of its use and application.

 Only approved safety cans shall be used for handling or storing flammable liquids in quantities greater than one gallon. For one or less gallon, only the original container or a safety can will be used.

 When heat producing equipment is used, the work area must be kept clear of all fire hazards and all sources of potential fires will be eliminated.

 A salamander or other open-flame device will not be used in confined or enclosed structures without proper ventilation. Heaters will be vented to the atmosphere and located an adequate distance from walls, ceilings and floors.

 Fire extinguisher will be available at all times when utilizing heat-producing equipment.

 Storage of LPG within buildings is prohibited.