Radha Krishna Temple Construction

The existing commercial kitchen will be expanding an additional 925 sq.ft., taking over a portion of the main event hall on the 1st floor of the building which will be modified to accomodate the additional equipment and kitchen operations.

The kitchen design includes 4 new exhaust hoods over a new added hot area, .2 walk-in coolers and 1 walk-in freezer, as well as numerous other equipment. 

A passageway will be opened up between the existing kitchen premises and the expansion area at the location of were the existing vegetable washing station is located (in southwest corner of existing kitchen.H

The new expansion area will be west of the main freestanding columns in the main event hall. 

The MUAF will be located under the northwest exterior stairs and the package condenser unit for the kitchen will be located under the southwest stairwell.   

MEP building systems will need to be reconfigured to accomodate the new kitchen set up and equipment.  

      Scope of Work

Existing Commercial Kitchen Expansion 


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Project Schedule.

Kitchen expansion project set to begin May 2021.  Completion by July 2021