Radha Krishna Temple Construction


Fire Suppression drawings must include:

1. A sprinkler head layout or some other means of clearly identifying the specific types of sprinkler heads that are to be installed at all locations throughout the project.  Recessed head with white cap.  

2. Center of tile sprinkler heads required

3.  The local Fire Department must be contacted early in the design process so that their requirements are met.


​The existing kitchen of about 750 sq. ft.  is being expanded, which will require modification of nearly 1,000 sq.ft. of the main hall in the first floor (west side).  The modifcations and reconfiguration of the space to accomodate additional cooking and food prep areas and a dry storage room  will likely require some reconfiguration of the sprinkler system in that area.  

Contractor shall review check the existing sprinkler system, the location of sprinkler heads and assess where new sprinklers may be needed.  

On second floor the utility room will be reduced in size to accomodate a shaft for the grease duct to reach the roof.  Contractor to check if the sprinkler head in that room will need to be adjusted.  Any adjustment or modification required shall be included in the scope of work.

Any changes to the sprinkler system must be done so that the rest of the building and the existing kitchen remain operational during the renovations. 

Permitting to be arranged by contractor for sprinkler modifications.