Radha Krishna Temple Construction

This listing includes items and categories for health and safety inspections on the job and in the shop. It is generic and not all inclusive, but provides a guideline of areas to be surveyed or developed into a checklist for use during the inspection.

First aid safety and health equipment.

Posters, signs required by Workers' Safety and health and safety practices.

Accident reporting records.

Employee training provided, such as health and safety talks, worker orientation.

Equipment and tools (hand, power, welding, etc.): condition, use.

Protective guards and devices - availability, use, proper maintenance and operating condition.

Housekeeping,   maintaining   clean   work    areas    free    of    trash/debris accumulation, tripping and slipping hazards.

Lighting: for adequacy and safety.

Sanitation: water, toilets for cleanliness and proper operation.

Noise hazards, hearing protection.

Ventilation for gases, vapors, fumes, dusts.

Availability of personal protective equipment: Hard hats/head protection, respirators, fall protection equipment, safety belts, life lines, safety shoes, eye protection, gloves.

Fire protection, prevention and control, use of fire protection equipment.

Temporary buildings, trailers, sheds.

Open yard storage.

Storage of flammable and combustible liquids including service and refueling areas for vehicles.

Temporary heating devices.

Fall protection requirements: In place and in use.

Electrical system and devices; condition and use of cords; ground fault protection or assured grounding conductor protection.

Openings - floor, wall, railings.

Materials - handling equipment and elevators.

Ladders: condition and use.

Hazard communication program and material safety data sheets (MSDS).

Excavations and trenches: protective systems.

Scaffolds: Safety railings, access, secured.

Other items as appropriate.