Radha Krishna Temple Construction




P A R T   1 - G E N E R A L




This section includes specifications for supports of all plumbing equipment and materials as well as piping system anchors.  Included are the following topics:



                Related Work


                Reference Standards

                Quality Assurance


                Shop Drawings

                Design Criteria



                Structural Supports

                Pipe Hangers and Supports

                Beam Clamps

                Riser Clamps

                Concrete Inserts

                Continuous Concrete Insert Channels


                Equipment Stands

                Roof Mounted Pipe Support

                Corrosive Atmosphere Coatings



                Hanger and Support Spacing

                Riser Clamps

                Concrete Inserts and Continuous Insert Channels


                Roof Mounted Piping Supports




Substitution of Materials: Refer to Section GC - General Conditions of the Contract, Equals and Substitutions.



Provide all supporting devices as required for the installation of mechanical equipment and materials.  All support and installation procedures are to conform to the latest requirements of the ANSI Code for building piping. 


Do not hang any mechanical item directly from a metal deck or run piping so its rests on the bottom chord of any truss or joist.


Fasteners depending on soft lead for holding power or requiring powder actuation will not be accepted.


Support apparatus and material under all conditions of operation, variations in installed and operating weight of equipment and piping, to prevent excess stress, and allow for proper expansion and contraction.


Protect insulation at all hanger points; see Related Work above.



Schedule of all hanger and support devices indicating attachment methods and type of device for each pipe size and type of service.


All submittals are to comply with submission and content requirements specified with in section [17 00 00].



Materials and application of pipe hangers and supports shall be in accordance with MSS Standard Practice SP-58 unless noted otherwise.

Piping connected to pumps, compressors, or other rotating or reciprocating equipment is to have vibration isolation supports for a distance of one hundred pipe diameters or three supports away from the equipment, whichever is greater.  Standard pipe hangers/supports as specified in this section are required beyond the 100 pipe diameter/3 support distance.

P A R T   2 - P R O D U C T S


Anvil, B-Line, Pate, G-Strut, Piping Technology, Roof Products & Systems or approved equal.


Provide all supporting steel required for the installation of mechanical equipment and materials, including angles, channels, beams, etc. to suspended or floor supported tanks and equipment.  All of this steel may not be specifically indicated on the drawings.


Hangers for Pipe Sizes 1/2" through 2":

Carbon steel, adjustable swivel ring. B-Line B3170NF, Anvil 69 or 70.

Carbon steel, adjustable clevis, standard. B-Line B3100, Anvil 260.

Hangers for Pipe Sizes 2" and Larger:

Carbon steel, adjustable clevis, standard. B-Line B3100, Anvil 260.

Multiple or Trapeze Hangers:

Steel channels with welded spacers and hanger rods.

Wall Support:

Carbon steel welded bracket with hanger. B-Line 3068 Series, Anvil 194 Series.

Perforated, epoxy painted finish, 16-12 gauge, min., steel channels securely anchored to wall structure, with interlocking,  split-type, bolt secured, galvanized pipe/tubing clamps.  B-Line type S channel with B-2000 series clamps,  Anvil  type PS 200 H with PS 1200 clamps.     When copper piping is being supported, provide flexible elastomeric/thermoplastic isolation cushion material to completely encircle the piping and avoid contact with the channel or clamp, equal to B-Line B1999 Vibra Cushion or provide manufacturers clamp and cushion assemblies, B-Line BVT series, Anvil PS 1400 series.

Vertical Support:

Carbon steel riser clamp. B-Line B3373, Anvil 261 for above floor use.

Floor Support:

Carbon steel pipe saddle, stand and bolted floor flange.  B-Line B3088T/B3093.

Copper Pipe Supports:

All supports, fasteners, clamps, etc. directly connected to copper piping shall be copper plated or polyvinylchloride coated. Where steel channels are used, provide isolation collar between supports/clamps/fasteners and copper piping.


Steel Hanger Rods:

Threaded both ends, threaded one end, or continuous threaded, complete with adjusting and lock nuts.


Size rods for individual hangers and trapeze support as indicated in the following schedule.


Total weight of equipment, including valves, fittings, pipe, pipe content, and insulation, are not to exceed the limits indicated.

                        Maximum Load (Lbs.)       Rod Diameter

                        (650°F Maximum Temp.) (inches)

                        610                                         3/8

                        1130                                       1/2

                        1810                                       5/8

                        2710                                       3/4

                        3770                                       7/8

                        4960                                       1

                        8000                                       1-1/4



MSS SP-58 Types 19 & 23 malleable black iron clamp for attachment to beam flange to 0.62 inches thick with a retaining ring and threaded rod of 3/8, 1/2, and 5/8 inch diameter.  Furnish with a hardened steel cup point set screw. B-Line B3036L/B3034, Anvil 86/92.

MSS SP-58 Type 28 or Type 29 forged steel jaw type clamp with a tie rod to lock clamp in place, suitable for rod sizes to 1-1/2 inch diameter. B-Line B3054, Anvil 228.

Drilled Fasteners:

Carbon steel drop-in type expansion anchors, vibration resistant, with ASTM B633 zinc plating. Use drill bit of same manufacturer as anchor. Hilti, Rawl, Redhead.


Use welding steel shapes, plates, and bars to secure piping to the structure.


Use structural steel members welded to and supported by pipe supports. Clean, prime and coat with three coat rust inhibiting alkyd paint or one coat epoxy mastic. Where exposed to weather, treat with corrosive atmosphere coatings.

 Supports 30" or More in Height:

Use structural steel members supported by pipe supports and use pipe rollers fastened to the structural member.  Pipe supports to be secured to the roof structure.  Treat with corrosive atmosphere coatings.


Factory coat supports and anchors used in corrosive atmospheres with hot dip galvanizing after fabrication, ASTM A123, 1.5 ounces/square foot of surface each side. Mechanical galvanized threaded products, ASTM B695 Class 50, 2.0 mil coating. Field cuts and damaged finishes to be field covered with zinc rich paint of comparable thickness to factory coating.

 Corrosive atmospheres include the following locations:

Exterior locations
Food service/kitchen areas
Walk-in coolers/freezers

 P A R T   3 - E X E C U T I O N


Size, apply and install supports and anchors in compliance with manufacturers recommendations.

 Install supports to provide for free expansion of the piping system.  Support all piping from the structure using concrete inserts, beam clamps, ceiling plates, wall brackets, or floor stands.  Fasten ceiling plates and wall brackets securely to the structure and test to demonstrate the adequacy of the fastening.

 Coordinate hanger and support installation to properly group piping of all trades.

 Trim steel hanger rods to within one inch of the final lock nut position.  Hanger and support cutoff burrs shall be removed and sharp edges ground smooth. 

Where piping can be conveniently grouped to allow the use of trapeze type supports, use standard structural shapes or continuous insert channels for the supporting steel.  Where continuous insert channels are used, pipe supporting devices made specifically for use with the channels may be substituted for the specified supporting devices provided that similar types are used and all data is submitted for prior approval.

Size and install hangers and supports, except for riser clamps, for installation on the exterior of piping insulation. Where a vapor barrier is not required, hangers may be installed either on the exterior of pipe insulation or directly on piping.

Perform welding in accordance with standards of the American Welding Society.


Install hangers to provide minimum 1/2 inch space between finished covering and adjacent work.

Place a hanger within 12 inches of each horizontal elbow, valve, strainer, or similar piping specialty item.

Use hangers with 1-1/2 inch minimum vertical adjustment.

Where several pipes can be installed in parallel and at the same elevation, provide multiple or trapeze hangers.

 Support riser piping independently of connected horizontal piping.

 Adjust hangers to obtain the slope specified in the piping section of these specifications.

 Space hangers for pipe as follows:

Pipe Material                Pipe Size                               Max. Horiz. Spacing           Max. Vert. Spacing

Cast Iron                       2" and larger                                         5'-0"                                        15'-0"

Copper                           1/2" through 3/4"                                 5'-0"                                        10'-0"

Copper                           1" through 1-1/4"                                 6'-0"                                        10'-0"

Copper                           1-1/2" through 2-1/2"                         8'-0"                                        10'-0"

Copper                           3"                                                            10'-0"                                     10'-0"

Copper                           4" and larger                                         12'-0"                                     10'-0"

Ductile Iron                  All                                                           10'-0"                                     20'-0"

Glass                              Per Pipe Mfr.                                        8'-0"                                        12'-0"

Steel                               1/2" through 1-1/4"                             7'-0"                                        15'-0"

Steel                               1-1/2" through 6"                                 10'-0"                                     15'-0"

Steel                               8" through 12"                                      14'-0"                                     20'-0"

Steel                               14" and over                                         20'-0"                                     20'-0"

Plastic                            Drain and Vent                                    4'-0"                                        10'-0"

Plastic                            Pure Water 1-1/2”

or less                                     Continuous                                           5’-0”


Support vertical piping with clamps secured to the piping and resting on the building structure or secured to the building structure below at each floor.


Install where indicated on the drawings and details.  Where not specifically indicated, install anchors at ends of principal pipe runs and at intermediate points in pipe runs between expansion loops.  Make provisions for preset of anchors as required to accommodate both expansion and contraction of piping.