Radha Krishna Temple Construction

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Radha Krishna Temple Kitchen Expansion Project

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A.  Provide the record documents associated with the work of Division 15 in strict accordance with the provisions of these specifications.

a)  Throughout progress of the Division 15 Work, maintain an accurate record of changes in the Contract Documents that apply to work of Division 15. Changes shall include all addendums issued during bidding. Maintain an accurate record of the location of mechanical service lines and outlets and all outside utilities.

b) Delegate the responsibility for maintenance of Record Documents to one person on the Contractor's staff.

c) Accuracy of Records:

            1.  Thoroughly coordinate changes within the Record Documents, making adequate and proper entries on each page of

                Specifications and each sheet of drawings and other documents where such entry is required to show the change

                properly.  Match the symbology and format of the base documents.

            2.  Accuracy of records shall be such that a future verification of items shown in the Contract Documents may rely

                 reasonably on information obtained from the approved Project Record Documents.

d)   Maintain the job set of Record Documents completely protected from deterioration and from loss and damage until completion of the work and transfer of all recorded data to the final Project Record Documents.


B.  Making Entries on Drawings:

 a)  Using an erasable colored pencil (not ink or indelible pencil), clearly describe the change by graphic line and note as required.

b) Date all entries.

c)  Call attention to the entry by a "cloud" drawn around the area or areas affected.

d)  In the event of overlapping changes, use different colors for the overlapping changes.

e)  Make entries within 24 hours after receipt of information that the change has occurred.

C. Maintain the base drawing format and use the same symbology.

D. Convert field mark-ups to finished CADD record drawings when required in this section.

E.  Conversion of Schematic Layouts:

a)   In some cases on the drawings, arrangements of ductwork and piping and similar items are shown schematically and are not intended to portray precise physical layout.

b) Determine final physical arrangement subject to the Architect's approval. However, design of future modifications of the facility may require accurate information as to the final physical layout of items which are shown only schematically on the drawings.

F. Show on the job set of record drawings, by dimension accurate to within one inch,  the centerline of each run of items such as all sleeves and piping, etc., below grade, in walls, or in the concrete slab. A surface mounted device indicates the exact location:

a)  Clearly identify the item by accurate note such as "Sanitary Sewer " and the like.

b) Show, by symbol or note, the vertical location of the item "under slab," "in ceiling plenum," "exposed," and the like.

c) Make all identification sufficiently descriptive that it may be related reliably to the specifications.

G.  Final Project Record Documents (As-Builts):

a) The purpose of the final Project Record Documents is to provide factual information regarding all aspects of the Work, both concealed and visible, to enable future modification of the Work to proceed without lengthy and expensive site measurement, investigation, and examination.

b) Provide CAD Electronic files in .DWG format. Upon written request by the Contractor, the Engineer will provide AutoCADD electronic files of the base contract drawings in .DWG format at no cost to the Contractor. Engineer will also provide a list of drawing layers and names that shall be maintained in the record set prepared by the Contractor

H.   CAD Release Permission Process

a) Contractor must make request for specific CADs only related to Contractor's work. 

b) Request for CADs must be made in writing to Construction Manager.

c) Release Agreement may need to be signed and submitted to Engineer by Contractor to obtain any CADs.  Construction Manager to coordinate.‚Äč


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