Radha Krishna Temple Construction

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A.  Submit two copies of a preliminary draft of the proposed manual or manuals to the Architect for review and comments. Allow a minimum of ten (10) working days for review.

Close out documents should include shop drawings, basic permit drawings, submittals, and any changes and modifications to original plans must be shown and indicated on the plans.  Any cut sheets also included for the items.


8½" x 11"

White bond, at least 20 lb. weight

Neatly written or printed

11" in height preferable; bind in with text; foldout acceptable; larger drawings acceptable but fold to fit within the Manual and provide a drawing pocket inside rear cover or bind in with text.


Separate each section of the Manual with neatly prepared flysheets briefly describing contents of the ensuing section; flysheets may be in color.


Use heavy-duty plastic or fiber-board covers with binding mechanism concealed inside the manual; 3-ring binders will be acceptable; all binding is subject to the Architect's approval.


Provide all measurements in U.S. standard units such as feet- and-inches, lbs, and cfm. Where items may be expected to be measured within ten years in accordance with metric

formulae, provide additional measurements in the "International System of Units" (SI).

Provide front and back covers for each manual, using durable material approved by the Architect, and clearly identified on or through the cover with at least the following information:




Name and Address of Work


Name of Contractor


General subject of this manual


Space for approval signature of the engineer and approval date


Contents: Include at least the following:


1. Neatly typewritten index near the front of the manual, giving immediate

information as to location within the manual of all emergency information regarding the installation.


2. Complete instructions regarding operation and maintenance of all equipment

provided including lubrication, disassembly, and reassembly.


3. Complete nomenclature of all parts of all equipment.


4. Complete nomenclature and part number of all replaceable parts, name and address of nearest vendor, and all other data pertinent to procurement procedures.

5. Copy of all guarantees and warranties issued.


6. Manufacturer's bulletins, drawings, and descriptive data, clearly indicating the precise items included in this installation and deleting, or otherwise clearly indicating, all manufacturers' data with which this installation is not concerned.


7. Such other data as required in other sections of these specifications.


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