Radha Krishna Temple Construction


All proposals are to be submitted with the Bid Form furnished by the Construction Manager accompanied with a company letter head dated and signed by a company official listing contact information. Include a statement that each bid includes all materials, labor, and supervision for completing the work according to the project plans, specifications, and addendums unless expressively stated as exclusion.  

Proposals shall also be accompanied by the Construction Manager/Owner's Reference Form where Contractor shall  list job references shall be furnished detailing recent completed projects listing owner, architect, and or engineer with contact information. 

Bid proposals shall be guaranteed for 30 days from date of bid. The bidding contractor shall not sub out the work of the contract except minor support items unless pre-approved by Construction Manager. 


All contractors must comply with the city of Allen Texas, State and U.S. Government laws, regulations, license, and ordnances, including OSHA.(Occupational Health and Safety Administration, US Dept of Labor)


A tax exempt certificate will be issued to each contractor/supplierupon request  for the Materials furnished and consumed on this project only.  No taxes shall be passed through or charged to the Owner.  


As time is of the essence each contract will include a time frame for the contractor to complete each phase of the project. The contractor must do all diligence to complete his work within the time allotted.  Contractor shall coordinate closely with Construction Manager on  conforming with the  Project Schedule.  


Each contractor shall provide with the contract, a listing of both automobile and personal liability, workers compensation, insurance coverage currently in force, along with a copy of a certificate of insurance as verification of that coverage. Liability Coverage must be sufficient to satisfy the city of Allen Texas and include City of Allen as insured.