Radha Krishna Temple Construction


Light gauge interior framing at partitions, ceilings, and furrdowns where indicated​ in 

a) new expansion space

b) in existing kitchen- create opening connecting new expansion area with

existing kitchen (gypsum framing will need modification, opening needs to

be framed out, drywall

c) on 2nd floor, modify utility room to reduce size, creating new back partition wall, 

d) shaft for grease duct going to new roof kitchen exhuast will need fire rated walls

and frame out.

​e)All gypsum board is standard 5/8” type X gypsum board, exceot where higher

fire rating shaft wall  required at grease duct passages.

f) Install any trims where required.  

g) Install FRP panels and joint trims to all commercial kitchen expansion walls.  

h) Firestoppiing and sound caulking at the floor track and the head of our walls where required

i) Setting hollow metal door frames and hanging doors, installing door hardware

j) Installing glued in place FRP wall panels over gypsum board, and any associated trim pieces for corners, joints, etc.

k) Installing semi-recessed fire extinguisher cabinets in 2 locations indicated by Owner/Construction Manager. 

l) provide submittals for review and approval for all materials 



(see Addendum page for more details)