Radha Krishna Temple Construction




Scaffolds will be erected, moved, dismantled, or altered only under the supervision of a competent person qualified in scaffold erection, moving, dismantling, or alteration.

Standard guardrails (consisting of toprail and midrail) will be installed on all open sides and ends of scaffold platforms and/or work levels more than ten feet above the ground, floor, or lower level.

Scaffolds four to ten feet in height with a minimum horizontal dimension in any direction less than 45 inches will have standard railings installed on all open sides/ends.

Platforms at all working levels will be fully planked. Planking will be laid tight with no more than one inch space between them, overlap at least 12 inches, and extend over end supports 6 - 12 inches.

The front edge of all platforms will be no more than 14 inches from the face of the work, except plastering/lathing may be 18 inches.

Mobile scaffolds will be erected no more than a maximum height of four times their minimum base dimension.

Scaffolds will not be overloaded beyond their design loadings.

Scaffold components should not be used as tie-off/anchor points for fall protection devices.

Portable ladders, hook-on ladders, attachable ladders, integral prefabricated scaffold frames, walkways, or direct access from another scaffold or structure will be used for access when platforms are more than two feet above or below a point of access.

Cross braces will not be used as a mean of access to scaffolds.

Scaffolds will not be erected, used, dismantled, altered, or moved such that they or any conductive material handled on them might come closer to exposed and energized power lines than the following:

Three feet from insulated lines of less than 300 volts;

Ten feet plus for any other insulated or uninsulated lines.