Radha Krishna Temple Construction

We are expecting substantial completion by mid-2017.

Project Schedule .

The temple is 2 stories on grade, with concrete slabs for 1st & 2nd floors, tilt wall concrete wall system, single ply or SPF roof, some concrete precast elements, elevator, fire sprinkler system., with with hand cast concrete decorative shapes on the exterior .  Scope of work also includes but is not limited to interior finish out, HVAC, framing, etc.

Phase I of the 3 phase project is currently out for bid.  Phase I is a temple building --- one of 3 buildings located on 3.22 acre parcel in Allen, TX, which contains 17,424 sq.ft..  Each floor is approximately 8.700 sq.ft.  The current bidding excludes demolition, earth work,  and overall site development which have already been completed.

Phase II of the project is the Cultural Center, a 2 story building containing 11,396 sq.ft. with 8,936 sq.ft. on the 1st floor and 2,460 sq.ft. on the second floor.  


Phase III of the project is the Seminary, a 2-story building containing 14,078 sq.ft. with 7,039 sq.ft. per floor.

      Scope of Work

Phase I - Temple - Construction

​Project Overview