Radha Krishna Temple Construction

Update - March 24, 2017:

Update - February 28, 2017:

Construction of Tilt Walls is ongoing.  Structural steel detailing underway.  Accepting bids for drywall/framing/ceiling, insulation, paint work interior & exterior,  specialties, including kitchen equipment, light boxes for art work, flooring installation,

Update - January 10, 2017:

Update - March 17, 2017:

Structural steel work substantially complete.  Interior framing started.

Update - November 1,  2016:

Steeples installation completed

Tilt wall erection begun.  To be completed by end of week.

Update - April 4, 2017:

Roof work substantially completed; building close to drying out.

Update - July 5,  2016:

Steel erection underway.

Update - September 1,  2016:

Grade Beam, Piers completed.  Rough in for plumbing and electrical to take place.  Accepting bids for windows, roof, indoor back lit art, exterior painting and other trades.

Foundation work underway.  Tilt wall construction to start by 9/1/2016.

Building has been designed for tilt wall system.   Check back here for updates on release of bid packages.  

We have awarded contracts for the following trades:

*Excavation (completed)                     *Electrical                                      *Structural Steel

*Utilities  (completed)                          *Irrigation                                       *Privacy Screen Wall (completed)

*Fire Alarm                                              *HVAC                                             *Concrete Work (Foundation, Tilt Wall & Flat Work)

*Plumbing                                               *Elevator

All civil work except for landscaping & irrigation are complete.